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An important rule for writing a coursework:

Do not confuse sources with literature. They are allocated separately, at registration. If the coursework requirements for your specialty include sources, and you took only monographs and articles of researchers – you will not get a good estimate for the course project.

Need to write a practical part, do calculations and drawings? This issue needs to be clarified in the first consultations. This requirement is not at all faculties, and if there is, then this part is the most important and the most probably.

Many people have a lot of problems when writing a practical part, psychologists. Practical part should be written on the basis of experiments, interviews or practice at a particular enterprise. It is difficult to hold the needful events in one day. At the same time it is necessary to agree with the management of the enterprise.

Students who use the custom writing services of writing coursework: if you want a real practical part, order work early. The artist can write a theory and for three days, and for the day, and the practical part of the night you do not slip.

Special requirements of the department and teacher.

 You need to find out if your supervisor has special requirements for writing a course work.

The strategics of searching for materials.

If approved the course plan , and the teacher advised you something from the literature. First you need to revise the plan and theses to represent what information you need to find. Then the list of sources and literature should be analyzed. Divide it into parts:

1) “flagships”, from which you will take most of the information;

2) auxiliary materials, from which you will take a couple of quotes.

It is desirable that the “flagship” was 3 – 5. Taking the head of someone else’s dissertation or compiling a couple of articles, you are unlikely to get a good rating.

Active digitization of books, articles, dissertations and sources has led to the fact that they are all easily searched on the net.

Work in libraries and archives.

Not all books and magazines can be found on the web. Some new books can only be bought, because of the fight against piracy. Old books can still be unencrypted.