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Nowadays the essay is a popular genre it must be able to write not only to students but also to schoolchildren. The essay is a small prosaic argument with a free composition. It should not exhaustively interpret events objects. In this work you should express your own thoughts on the topic individual impressions. Usually it is required to introduce something new subjective into the consideration of the subject.

Essays are fictional popular science historical and biographical philosophical and literary critical. There is also a tradition of conditional division of the essay into two groups: the so-called serious essays where the description of the subject comes to the fore and personal essays the personal principle prevails in them. Writing an essay develops logical thinking the ability to correctly express your thoughts to prove your point of view reasonably to analyze the subject and illustrate the material with examples to structure the information in a structured way. The main features of the essay to correctly write an essay you need to know exactly what features a real work created in this genre should possess.

There are a number of key features of the essay:

  • the theme encourages reflection sets up a dialogue between the reader and the author contains a question a problem;
  • the essence of the problem is described in detail; use the toolkit of a specific discipline if necessary terminology; an analysis of the problem with the necessary examples is carried out;
  • the conclusions summarize the authors position give a complete idea of it.

Thus to write an essay you need to reflect your own point of view to raise and solve the problem but to do all this judiciously relying on analysis and facts avoiding large descriptive fragments. The essay convinces the reader but doesn’t insist on the indisputability of judgments it is better to try to engage the reader in a dialogue to arouse his interest. To write an essay perfectly  you need to develop your own authors style of writing or use words or phrases that are widely accepted which will be understandable for a diverse audience.

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An important rule for writing a coursework:

Do not confuse sources with literature. They are allocated separately, at registration. If the coursework requirements for your specialty include sources, and you took only monographs and articles of researchers – you will not get a good estimate for the course project.

Need to write a practical part, do calculations and drawings? This issue needs to be clarified in the first consultations. This requirement is not at all faculties, and if there is, then this part is the most important and the most probably.

Many people have a lot of problems when writing a practical part, psychologists. Practical part should be written on the basis of experiments, interviews or practice at a particular enterprise. It is difficult to hold the needful events in one day. At the same time it is necessary to agree with the management of the enterprise.

Students who use the custom writing services of writing coursework: if you want a real practical part, order work early. The artist can write a theory and for three days, and for the day, and the practical part of the night you do not slip.

Special requirements of the department and teacher.

 You need to find out if your supervisor has special requirements for writing a course work.

The strategics of searching for materials.

If approved the course plan , and the teacher advised you something from the literature. First you need to revise the plan and theses to represent what information you need to find. Then the list of sources and literature should be analyzed. Divide it into parts:

1) “flagships”, from which you will take most of the information;

2) auxiliary materials, from which you will take a couple of quotes.

It is desirable that the “flagship” was 3 – 5. Taking the head of someone else’s dissertation or compiling a couple of articles, you are unlikely to get a good rating.

Active digitization of books, articles, dissertations and sources has led to the fact that they are all easily searched on the net.

Work in libraries and archives.

Not all books and magazines can be found on the web. Some new books can only be bought, because of the fight against piracy. Old books can still be unencrypted.

Book Review

What you need to know about writing a review

What is the difference between “professional” reading and reading for pleasure?

This is a different type of time for forwarding. “Professional” reading is a labor investment, when a person reads for their pragmatic goals related to work. Reading for pleasure is reading with the installation to extract pleasant sensations from the book; it has no practical consequences .. In texts, by the way, there is also a division. Some are written to be read for pleasure (this, for example, is almost all fiction). Others, genre, refer to the artistic, scientific, and technical literature, require a different approach.

How many times do you need to read the book you are going to write a review on?

It depends on the personal qualities of the author. If the author has worthy philological data and from the first notice all internal connections, roll calls, structural features, hidden quotes, plot moves, he can write a review at once. But, of course, the text of a certain level of complexity requires a thoughtful attitude and often appealing to something, checking your guesses, considerations. As with good music, with good literature, repeated reading brings new sensations and discoveries.

How to tell about the plot of the book and not become a spoiler?

Fear of spoilers – a new phenomenon that arose with the help of film and even serial effects. Serious publications such as the “New Yorker” or “Atlantic” still print long book reviews, handing over almost the whole story. It means that an intelligent person reads a book (well, if this is not a detective for the sake of a detective), not out of interest “and what’s next?”. And judging writing skills, not to mention the events described in the book, it is very difficult. But now because of the spoilers there is such a howl that it is easier to concede. You can take the drawdown, there is no denouement.

What is the difference between reviews of art books and non-fiction?

A review of non-fiction involves the presence of any kind of expertise – preferably academic.


Working with sources is the main part of writing a master’s thesis. The above list of issues contains the main stages of work with the collected list of literature and other sources of information. What I should do? – Formulation and analysis of the need. Where can I go? – Identification and evaluation of probabilistic sources. How to get information? – Search and discovery of specific resources. What resources to use? – Study, selection or rejection of specific resources. How to use resources? – Critical analysis of resources. What should I record? – Fixing and sorting information. Did I receive the necessary information? – Interpretation, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. How to present it? – Representation, communication. What is the result? – Evaluation.

Each item in the source list needs to be analyzed. There are several types of compilation of the abstract: selective, cross-cutting, reproductive and productive. The abstract can be conducted in various forms: extracts, drafting plans, abstracts, annotations, reviewing the source. When maintaining the abstract, the following technological methods are used: extract of quotations; retelling “in your own words”; highlighting ideas and theories; critical remarks; own explanations; comparison of positions; reconstruction of the text in the form of creating tables, figures, diagrams; description of relationships and relationships.

For each source, you need to select the method for processing its content from the following list:

deconstruction, axiomatic method, descriptive method, diachronic method, aspect analysis, hermeneutic analysis, holographic analysis, critical analysis, conceptual analysis, problem analysis, system analysis, comparative analysis, phenomenological analysis.

Requirements for the content of the master’s thesis and the design of the text:

Basic principles of work on the study:

Do not engage in plagiarism and follow the deadlines.

Work constantly. Analysis of scientific sources is labor-intensive work, which can not be performed in a very short time.

The leader does not have to direct every step you take. Consult with him throughout the period of work on the thesis, but do not shift responsibility for the implementation of the plan.

The initiative is not punishable. The master’s thesis is your own research, therefore everything that you do depends on you. Offer ideas, look for literature – this will make your work more quality.

You have the right to make a mistake. Do not be afraid to suggest or assume something – the scientific adviser will necessarily direct your idea in the right direction.

And most importantly – do not be lazy to think and work independently!

Do my homework

Learners have many reasons why they don’t want to do home-work. If it’s always difficult for you to finish things and get to work, it means that you like to put everything off for later. Start practicing right now!

It would be more rational to start doing home-work right after school while the new information is still fresh in your head. If you postpone it for a few hours, you will have to reread the information and try to return to where you left off.

If you have three days to do the task, do not postpone it for the last day. Break it into fragments and allocate time for doing this task in each of three days. Even if the deadline for completing the assignment does not come soon, it’s easier to do everything before.

Do your home assignments on the way to home. If you have to spend a long time in a bus, try to do some not very difficult task on the way or at least start to look at it to make it easier for you at home. If you need to read a lot of text, try to read on the bus. Also you can do your home-work while you have to wait for something. If you manage the time correctly, you can finish your homework very quickly.

Ask the teacher about complex assignments. The teacher knows everything about the home-work, because he chose it. If you cannot do something, despite the fact that you are working hard, ask your teacher to help. Do not be afraid to ask to help you, especially if you missed the past lesson.

If the study material is very complicated for you, ask your parents to find you a tutor. The tutor will help you not only to understand the subject, but also to do your home-work. Tutors can be a motivation to learn, because the easier things are given, the stronger the desire to engage.

Find people who are interested in joint activities, and do the home-work together. Help each other and share information. Make sure that everyone contributes. If someone does the whole job, and you just rewrite it, it will be considered as a cheating. It is necessary to discuss everything and propose solutions together.